Redrums [21-Jul-2022]

A Taste Of Honey – Sayonara (80s Redrum) (Clean) 108.mp3
Bad Bunny & Bomba Estereo – Ojitos Lindos (DJ Feeling Redrum) (Clean Extended).mp3
Bad Bunny & Bomba Estereo – Ojitos Lindos (DJ Feeling Redrum) (Clean Short Edit).mp3
Big Daddy Kane – Aint No Half Steppin (80s) (Old School) (Re-Drum)[Dirty].mp3
Bobby Brown – Every Little Step (80s Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Bobby Brown – My Prerogative (80s Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Bros When – Will I Be Famous (80s) (Pop) (Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Calvin Harris – Summer (Starjack Epic Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Click – Click – Duri Duri (Baila Baila) (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Cole Swindell – She had Me At Heads Carolina (RoadHouse Redrum) Clean 4B 135.mp3
Cole Swindell – She had Me At Heads Carolina (RoadHouse Redrum) Intro – Clean 4B 135.mp3
Def Leppard – Def Leppard – Armageddon It (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Edie Brickell – What I Am (Dj Allan Redrum)[Clean].mp3
George Michael – Monkey (80s Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Hazell Dean – Jealous Love (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Herb Alpert – Beyond (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean].mp3
House Of Pain – Back From The Dead (Dj Yan Old School Redrum) 97bpm Clean.mp3
Inner City – Inner City – Big Fun (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean].mp3
INXS – INXS – Need You Tonight (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Janet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone (Dj Mhark Redrum) (Clean) 90.mp3
KRS One – My Philosophy (80s) (Rap) (Re-Drum)[Dirty].mp3
Kylie Minogue And Years & Years – A Second To Midnight (Extended Redrum) 122 Bpm Clean -.mp3
Lil Kim Feat. Sisqo – How Many Licks (Dj Yan Old School Redrum) 105bpm Dirty.mp3
Ludacris, Mystikal & I-20 – Move Bitch (Dj Allan Moombah Redrum)[Dirty].mp3
Mark Anthony – 1919 Main Street (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Michael Bedford – More Than A Kiss (80s Disco Redrum) 120bpm Clean.mp3
Murda Beatz – No Mas (Dj Allan Redrum)[Clean].mp3
N.W.A. – Fuck The Police (Dj Allan Old School Redrum)[Dirty].mp3
Ne-Yo – Lets Go (Zslickharn Hypemash Redrum) 130 Bpm.mp3
Nu Shooz – Point Of No Return (80s Redrum) (Clean) 97.mp3
Ozuna – Me Dijeron (Mula Redrum).mp3
Paula Abdul – Straight Up (80s Pop Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Pepsi & Shirlie – Hearthache (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Robert Palmer – Know By Now (90s Rock Redrum) 117bpm Clean.mp3
Samantha Fox – I Wanna Have Some Fun (80s Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Samantha Fox – I Wanna Have Some Fun (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Sisley Ferre – Open Your Eyes (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Sofi Tucker – Summer In New York (Starjack Epic Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Spice Girls – Wannabe (Epic Intro – Re-Drum – Dry Out) .mp3
Spice Girls – Wannabe (Epic Intro – Re-Drum).mp3
Spice Girls – Wannabe (Re-Drum – Acapella Out) .mp3
Spice Girls – Wannabe (Re-Drum – Dry Outro) .mp3
Spice Girls – Wannabe (Re-Drum – Short Edit – Dry Outro).mp3
Spice Girls – Wannabe (Re-Drum – Short Edit) .mp3
Spice Girls – Wannabe (Re-Drum) .mp3
Spice Girls – Wannabe (Scratch Drop – No Intro – Re-Drum – Short Edit) .mp3
Spice Girls – Wannabe (Scratch Drop – No Intro – Re-Drum).mp3
Steely Dan – Fm (No Static At All) (MM Redrum Edit).mp3
Stevie B – Spring Love (80’s Mixshow Re-Drum)[Clean].mp3
Stevie Wonder – All I Do (MM Redrum Edit).mp3
The Boys – Dial My Heart (80s Redrum Remix)[Clean].mp3
The Church – Under The Milky Way (Dj Allan 80s Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Tiago PZK & Myke Towers – Traductor (Dj Allan Moombah Redrum)[Clean].mp3
Toto – Africa (MM Redrum Edit).mp3
Willy William – Trompeta (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean].mp3


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