Wordplay [13-Sep-2020]

Bad Bunny – Vete [DeejayBpm Segway Intro] [Dirty Extended] 3A 95
Bad Bunny – Vete [DeejayBpm Segway Intro] [Dirty Short Edit] 3A 95
Bad Bunny FT. Proyecto Uno – Safaera Vs. El Tiburon [Alex DJ Segway Transition 100-130] 7A 130
Bryant Myers Maluma – Tanta Falta Vs. Hawai [DJ William Valdivia Mashup Segway Transition] 10A 94
DJ Chris Watkins x Eminem x Sean Paul x Dr. Dre x Blu Cantrell – Breathe Vs. What’s The Difference [Mashup Segue] [Dirty] 10A 92
DJ Chris Watkins x Spice Girls Vs. Eminem – Wannabe Vs. Without Me [Segue Transition 110-112] [Dirty] 10A 112
Guaynaa x Don Omar – Tra Tra Tra Vs. Dile [DJ Ronal Sanabria Segway Acapella Transition] 10A 94
J Balvin – Agua Vs. Que Calor [DJ Red Segway 100-126] [Radio Mix Edit] 9A 126
J Balvin FT. Farruko – Morado Vs. 6 Am [DJ Ronal Sanabria Segway] 6B 97
Karol G x Ivy Queen – Mi Cama Vs. Pa La Cama Voy [DJ Ronal Sanabria Segway Acapella Transition] 7A 96
Natti Natasha FT. Various Artists – DJ No Pare Vs. Te La Tiro Pa Que Baile ]DJ Chico Reggaeton Segway Mix Transition] 2A 92
Yandel FT. Farruko – Hasta Abajo Le Doy x Toxica [DJ Davis Acapella Intro Segway Transition] 3A 92


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